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folderAbusing the Windows Power Management API2020-11-27 17:59185 KB
folderHells Gate2020-11-27 17:59587 KB
folderInfecting Android Applications The New Way2020-11-27 17:595354 KB
folderThe Persistence Series2020-11-27 17:591095 KB
folderWeaponizing Windows Virtualization2020-11-27 17:59260 KB
folderWormable SSH2020-11-27 17:59174 KB
fileAn Alternative Method To Enumerate Processes.pdf2020-11-27 17:59182 KB
fileFrom a C project through assembly to shellcode.pdf2020-11-27 17:591398 KB
fileLinux.Proudhon.i386.asm2020-11-27 17:599 KB
fileMocoh Polymorphic Engine.asm2020-11-27 17:593 KB
fileThe Fake Entry Point Trick.txt2020-11-27 17:594 KB